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I need to borrow your $25
  NiTE, Oct 29 2009

The long story short: I need someone who has a moneybookers account to send me $25.

The long story long:
I have exactly $63 stuck in my Propaganda poker account and I want out of there.
I had my moneybookers account confirmed by propaganda, but now that they've moved to betsafe, I have to confirm AGAIN. (I talked to support, and it is the only way)

So, in order to withdraw the money, I have to confirm my moneybookers account by depositing at least 15€ which is $22.23.

So who can help me by lending me $25?

I will use your money to withdraw my money and then I send you back your money.

PM me if you can help out, and I will send you my account adress.

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Start from scratch
  NiTE, Apr 23 2009

After I got rivered for my BR - kindof, I suddenly feel more motivated to play than when I was rolled for NL20.

Not sure about the whys, hows and whats that lead to this, but I'll play poker in the coming time.

After the bankroll incident, I was left with 8 bucks - all I can do is grind NL2. So I did it, played a bit, now I'm at $23.

Anyway, my decision is to use the bankroll managment some of you might call "super agressive" but IMO it's "common sense BR managment". Something that dawned on me a while ago, but I brushed it off coz of not seeing anyone mention it or play by it. That why I was very glad to see Maynard post it here on LP a while ago.

I will play NL2 till I reach $30, then I ship over to NL4, playing 4 tables on both limits.

If I lose a Buyin on NL4, I move down till I'm at $30 again.

I realized there's really no point in griding all those extra buyins as long as you can lean on moving down when necessary.

Some people get 20/50/100 Buyins for the next level before playing it. I'll get 7-8.
If I lose one, I will move down and earn some more, then move up again.

I'd say I have much higher chances of successfully moving up faster than had I grinded the before mentioned 'normal' number of buyins.

When you look at it, you need as many buyins as the number of tables you play, the rest of the money is there for some kind of safety. Safety that I don't need that much.

My safety is that if I lose one buyin at a higher level, I'll still have almost 20 for the level below, which is plenty for the levels I'm currently playing.

Once again, I totally agree with Maynard; if you don't live off of poker, you have a place to stay and food on your table, wasting time securing X number of buyins makes not much sense.

Other than that, I'll try to face all my fears.
Before, in tricky/unusual situations I used to automatically do something, and try to forget what happened, because my not knowing made me uncomfortable.

I will try to eliminate the 'running away from the unknown' problem, try to face the problems and actually learn how to play.

I will also not play too much, I have no reason to put any pressure on myself.
I have some exams to study for in May, so that will be #1 priority. Poker will be something alongside of it.

A chance to learn to play a game that some day may help me to earn an extra buck.

Ok, I gotta use this chance to give a huge shoutout to my man Lucas from
He goes by the alias 'keuner' here on LP, and he's the one that offered me the deal on propagandapoker in the first place.

Their deal is awesome, you get a good VIP deal which equals to about 40+% rakeback.
However, special thanks to Lucas who was there on msn to answer many of my numerous questions, helped out enormeously with information and direct contact to support when this whole incident with my bankroll happened.

And finally, he gave me a nice $30 bankroll boost (in addition to ~20 I had), so I don't have to hunt for a new free $50 deal.
I ask him something like:
"hey, do you think you could arrange me another bonus so I get back up sooner?"

And within 60seconds, there are 30 additional dollars in my account.

awesome! cheers Lucas if you read this!

I'll go straight to 4tabling NL10 with this $50 I got.
If my BR drops to $40 at any time, I shut down those tables and open 4 NL4 tables.

If I drop below $32 (2 NL4 Buyins), I go to NL2, till I recover a bit.

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I will probably quit.
  NiTE, Nov 21 2008

I'm not upset anymore, it's the way things are.

Poker just doesn't work.

I do not win money. I lose. I move down, I lose.

I think I simply don't know how to play and the fact that so many enthusiastic new players are picking up the game makes me wonder if it's worth it to invest energy in this when I'm struggling now and it's only gonna get harder... If I can't beat NL20 and now NL10, I probably don't have a bright future ahead of me in this game.

And if it is running bad (and it feels pathetic even saying this anymore), the fact that I want to quit, makes me wanna quit even more coz following that logic, a medium-long bad run made me lose the faith in myself. Which again means I don't have what it takes.
And it's fine I guess, some people do some things better, other ppl do other things better.

I will put ~30K more hands in, and I'll try to make the most of it.

I will analyze every single hand I wasn't sure about, I will post many of those here.
After that I will see, but if I don't have a revelation of some kind i.e. if the feeling about this game stays the same, I will quit.
That's all.

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